Hello! We are and A couple of years ago, we started a film company called LOOP to make our own work and other work that we want to help bring into the world. You can follow us on Twitter, read on to find out more about our recent work, or scroll down to find out about the LOOP FUND

Here is a selection of our recent work:

The Afterlight

Charlie Shackleton's feature-length found-footage collage exists as a single 35mm print. Every time it screens, it erodes a little further: a living document of its own life in circulation. ⟶ LFF


Loop Fund

Our first round of Loop Fund-backed films are now complete. John Ogunmuyiwa's Precious Hair & Beauty, Jamie Janković's A Woman on the Internet and Grace Lee's Whistle and I'll Come to You are touring festivals.

Jill, Uncredited

Currently in production, this lyrical collage film sees one of the world's most prolific background actors take centre stage. Directed and produced by Anthony Ing, with support from the Canada Council for the Arts.


Guilt-Free Pleasures

Catherine Bray's 'cogent and fascinating' (The Observer) film for BBC Four asks why we feel guilt when we take pleasure from cinema's garden of earthly delights. Now streaming on the iPlayer. ⟶ BBC


In 2018, we launched the LOOP FUND looking for bold, unusual films of any shape, size or description, especially those that might struggle to find funding elsewhere. So far we have awarded three no-strings-attached grants of £5,000 to UK filmmakers and

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If you'd like to get in touch with us, please e-mail hello@thisisloop.com